Are you implementing new systems? Improving business processes?

We help organizations going through transformation ensure that technology, systems and processes make sense for the humans who have to run them -- ultimately achieving the overall business objectives.


Technology and systems are the servants of change, not the leaders of it. Too often we put them in charge.


Changing processes or systems is transformative work, whether it's planned or unplanned.

Your Assets

The knowledge, talent and experience of staff is the most underutilized asset in transformation. Let's change that.

About Us

We are a large-scale change consultants. We help companies adopt new technology and processes successfully. Our Transformational Culture Training for leaders and teams ensures people are deeply engaged in the changes that are needed to transform the business and achieve your objectives.

team in a work meetingOur change management approach focuses on harnessing the power of people’s Connatural Intelligence: the knowledge, talent, and experience that your employees already bring to the table during transformation but is often devalued in favor of systems, process, and technology.

This overlooked asset is the key to the true success of a project or implementation that has global impact.

Transformational Culture Training


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